Bartholomew Park

We’re fairly local, we’ve been around

We’ve seen the trails you’re hiking down.

Pink Crew has been out and about this week digging trenches in Bartholomew Park and removing invasive species in Willowbrook Reach and Slaughter Creek.

…but there’s more!

Featuring exclusive scenes from Holes

More trench digging? More yoga. Trench yoga.

Picking wild mulberries!

Goin’ at it with weed wrenches
Lizz July – Disaster Response Team Crew Leader (Pink Crew)

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NOAA Crew at Armand Bayou

This week we started by learning how to monitor and track plants on the Artist Boat properties. Mid week we constructed a hog trap on the east bank of Armand Bayou Nature Center. Friday we took part in prairie Friday’s at the nature center, where we planted native plants on the West Bank along side a group of volunteers. We also took part in brown bag lecture were Mark Kramer spoke about the benefits of our work and the restoration efforts at the nature center.

Video by: Erik Grundvig – Coastal Crew Leader (Aqua)
Caption by: Natalie Fyffe – Coastal Crew Leader (Aqua)

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