Davis Lane Violet Crown Trailhead

Plans are starting to come together at the Davis Ln trailhead to the Violet Crown Trail. Rock retaining walls are being built, trails are being surfaced and made ADA accessible, bridges are crossing creeks and things are getting done!. Soon you’ll be able to come see and enjoy it all. Stay tuned.

Dakota Bagley-Sweet – Field Crew Leader (Silver Crew)

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Fort Boggy


Fort Boggy is the kind of project we greet as an old friend now. Being our third time out, Gold crew really enjoyed getting to continue the work we started months ago. We only had a few days to complete the cabins, and get them ready and liveable.

Most of what the gang did this go around was filling and leveling disintegrated gravel to create a walkable area filling the empty space between the walls we built. Load after load of gravel was dumped in as we carefully raked and mcleoded the area to the needed level and grade. All in all this was a great project and we would love to go back.

Gold Crew

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